Dr. Byeong Gi Lee
Seoul National University
Byeong Gi Lee received a B.S. degree from Seoul National University and a Ph.D degree from UCLA. He worked for Granger Associates, Santa Clara, California, and AT&T Bell Laboratories, North Andover, Massachusetts, before joining the faculty of Seoul National University, where he served as the Vice Chancellor for Research Affairs and the Director of the Institute of New Media and Communications. He served as the President of Korea Information and Communications Society (KICS), as the President of Korea Society for Engineering Education (KSEE), and as the founding President of Citizenís Coalition for Scientific Society (CCSS). Recently he served as a Commissioner of Korea Communications Commission (KCC) and is currently serving as the President of the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc). Dr. Lee published seven textbooks in English, including Broadband Wireless Access and Local Networks: Mobile WiMAX & WiFi (Artech House: Boston, Norwood, MA, 2008), and received several awards including the 1984 Myril B. Reed Best Paper Award, the 2001 National Academy of Science (of Korea) Award, and the 2005 Kyung-am Academic Award. He is a Member of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea (NAEK), a Member of Sigma Xi, and a Fellow of the IEEE.