Dr. Sanjoy Paul
Senior Vice President Accenture
Sanjoy Paul (sanjoy.paul@accenture.com) is a Senior Executive at Accenture where he joined as the Country-Director and Head of Accenture Technology Labs India. Prior to joining Accenture, Sanjoy was Associate Vice President and General Manager at Infosys Technologies where he led research and innovation in the field of Communications, Media and Entertainment. Earlier, he was also a Research Professor at Rutgers University, Founder of RelevantAd Technologies, Director of Wireless Networking Research at Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, and CTOs of two start-up companies based in New York. Sanjoy is known for many inventions, including, iSmart Power Strip, an award-winning innovation in the field of Energy Management; Reliable Multicast Transport Protocol, one of the first reliable transport protocols over IP Multicast; and Smart Content Caching, the key concept behind Lucent Technology’s Internet Content Distribution and Delivery product line.

Sanjoy has over twenty years of technology expertise, specifically in the areas of Mobile Wireless Networking, Wireless Sensor Networks, Energy Management and Sustainability, Future Internet Architecture and Design, Multicasting, Content Distribution, Media Streaming, Intelligent Caching, and Security. He served as an editor of IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Guest Editor of IEEE Network Special Issue on Multicasting, Steering Committee member of IEEE COMSNETS, General Chair of ICDCN 2011, IMSAA 2010 and COMSWARE 2007; Technical Program Chair of COMSWARE 2006, and as a Technical Program Committee Member of several IEEE and ACM International conferences.

Sanjoy has authored two books, the first one on Multicasting (Kluwer, 1996), and the most recent one on Digital Video Distribution (Wiley, 2010), published over 100 papers in International Journals and refereed Conference Proceedings, and authored over 100 US patents (30 granted, 70+ pending). He is the co-recipient of 1997 William R. Bennett award from IEEE Communications Society for the best original paper in IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking and the co-recipient of Infosys Excellence Award for Innovations and Thought Leadership for the invention of iSmart Power Strip. Sanjoy, with his colleague, also received MIT Technology Reviews’ Grand Challenges for India 2010 award for innovation in Smart Energy.

Sanjoy holds a Bachelor of Technology degree from IIT Kharagpur, an M.S and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Maryland, College Park, and an MBA from the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. He is a Fellow of IEEE and a Fellow of the IET.